Building on the success of the First International Nurse Rostering Competition (see [Haspeslagh et al, 2014] for details), we announce the Second International Nurse Rostering Competition!

It introduces the concept of stages and requires the competitors to solve a sequence of cases referring to consecutive weeks of the planning horizon.
The problem is defined by a scenario, a set of weeks and an initial history description.
Problems have to be solved covering the full scenario of 4 or 8 consecutive weeks, in stages of 1 week at the time.
After each stage, the information for the next stage becomes available.
As resources are taken up at any stage, forecasting may be required in order to cope well with coming stages.
The forecasting can be based on data from previous weeks. Example weeks are offered as part of the problem description.

The competition is composed of one single track.
Starting date is October 17, 2014, submission date is June 1, 2015 and the results will be presented at MISTA 2015 in Prague.
Prizes will be award the top three positions after evaluating the results on early, late and hidden instances.
The top three will divide €1729 among them (first prize €819, second €637, third €273), and will be offered free registration to PATAT 2016, that will include a special track on the competition.

May the winner be amongst you!

Detailed information on the competition setup can be found in this document.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or through out the competition’s Google Group          for any enquiries.

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